Fintech as a Force for Good Forum 23 – Empowering the Future


September 29, 2023

Fintech as a Force for Good Forum – Manigo to speak on empowering the future through greater financial resilience and wellness

Alongside some incredible panellists, on Thursday 5th October at 10:40am, Stevan will be speaking on behalf of Manigo about how fintechs can empower the future through greater financial resilience and wellness.

Very much looking forward to having an interesting conversation on the topic with Money and Pensions Service’s Caroline Siarkiewicz, Nova Credit’s Nicky Goulimis, GoHenry’s Louise Hill and TransUnion’s James Robinson at Innovate Finance’s FinTech as a Force for Good event.

At Manigo, we love hearing from our clients about the different solutions they are building using our technology. It encourages us to further discuss the case studies for businesses to use the Manigo platform to create accounts, payments solutions and many other financial products for marginalised communities and for the betterment of society.

If you are already attending, do let us know, we would love to see you there.

About Manigo

Manigo, a leading fintech infrastructure platform, enables any business  – with or without a financial licence – within any industry to launch cards, accounts and payments services under their brand. 

This can be done through Manigo’s all-in-one fintech platform, API suite and fully-managed offering, including white label solutions, if needed – for companies who require a regulatory umbrella. Manigo also provides a proprietary core banking and infrastructure platform as an out-of-the-box software solution, for those who already have their own licence but lack the tech, or for large corporates who want to pick and choose the underlying vendors.

In a matter of weeks, anyone can build financial offerings that will delight and retain customers, boost revenues and increase brand loyalty. From backend card and payment processing, to middleware integrations and frontend applications, we continue to be the only global, digital banking enabler in the region that covers the entire value chain.

You can find out more information about Manigo on

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