Banking and Payment
as Service, The way it should be

We enable companies to provide banking, payment and card products simply and efficiently.

Go to market quickly with our white-label solution or let our technology power your own customer facing applications.


Choose from multi-currency accounts, individual account numbers and IBANs, card programmes, international payments and more.


• Instant access to world-class banking and payment services.
• Our modules are turnkey ready. Build your own unique stack with minimal outlay.


• Remove the hassle and the noise that come from working with multiple providers
• One contract with Manigo delivers a range of modular blocks for your business

You run the show, whilst
we do the heavy lifting
behind the scenes

It’s your product for your customers on our technology and operations.

Do and see as much or as little of the backend processes as you
want, we are here to empower your business to achieve more.

Go to market
in a few weeks,
rather than months

We know how important it is to move quickly.
That’s why we offer the possibility to start providing services
to your customers within a few weeks.

Our flexible approach
enables your business

We treat all the services on our platform as building blocks, which our partners can mix and match to create products specifically tailored to their business model.

These building blocks include single or multi currency accounts, physical and virtual cards, currency exchange, P2P and international payments and more - all accessible via our white-label products or APIs.

Why you should work
with Manigo?

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