Manigo Back Office Portal

Launch and scale your payment and card program all from one single viewpoint.

The Manigo Back Office portal is a dashboard to administer and view your customers' activity on active payment programs from start to finish.

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Enriched insights

At-a-glance, use the Manigo Back Office Portal to see information about your customers and their activities. Leverage real-time information to gain insights into the performance of your business and identify critical action items quickly.

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Enabling speed

Spend less time on various systems trying to understand your customer’s activities. The Manigo Back Office Portal is the one place where everything pieces together in order to keep your business moving smoothly.

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Built for your whole team

From developers to business managers, all of your stakeholders can use the Manigo Back Office Portal to accomplish tasks like configuring the program, ordering cards, managing payments, monitoring transactions and reviewing growth against goals.

Key applications

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Developer tools

Create and test cards in a private sandbox using APIs, SDKs, API collections, and in-depth documentation.

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Full program tools

Create and manage customers, accounts and cards; make payments, view product configurations, monitor transactions and so much more, all in one place.

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Risk and Compliance

Manage risk and compliance across the customer lifecycle with a suite of products built specifically for fintech programs.

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Customer queries

Quickly understand where certain transactions went wrong, and achieve customer excellence via streamlined workflows.

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Data insights

Identify patterns as you monitor customer behaviour over time, and track performance against program goals.

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Admin controls

Assign granular permissions, review detailed audit logs, and define parameters to suit your needs.

One portal for all

From developers to customer experience teams, the Manigo Back Office Portal supports all facets of your business.

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Empower your developers with in-depth documentation, innovative APIs, and modern technology all within a private sandbox environment.
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Finance managers
Make data-driven business decisions with quick access to program, customer and transaction insights that reveals how to optimise performance.
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Program administrators
Reduce time on administrative tasks while adding new users, granting custom access controls, and much more.
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Risk and compliance teams
Get ahead of fraudulent transactions by leveraging streamlined workflows to manage risk and compliance.
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Customer support teams
Provide your support staff with easy access to real-time data and controls to ensure customers receive the help they require in a timely manner.
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